The AutoSAT RV46 is an evolution in HD Satellite systems.  Designed for NZ conditions and made from cutting-edge components. Fast satellite search and compatibility with all digital HD ready set-top boxes and TV sets. WiWorld are known for OEM manufacture of high quality antennas, notably the Ocean series Maritime Sat TV. 

A single power / signal wire to the antenna makes installation simple, and removes the need to run large cable looms to the roof like other antennas on the market.  This system has a unique and practical design, small foot print, and very low profile when automatically stowed away.


Technical Information

Dimension Dish : 460 x 320mm (W/H)

Dimension Antenna : 460 x 480 x 160mm (L/W/H)

Dimension Control Unit : 245 x 43 x 147mm

Minimum EIRP : 50dBW / 48dBW

LNB : 10750

Voltage : 12 / 24vDC

HD DVBS2 : Yes

Search Time : 1~2 min

Antenna Gain : 33dBi / 33dBi

Stabilised Type : 2-Axies DC stepping motor

Elevation Range : 0º ~ 70º

Azimuth Range : 0º ~ 370º

GPS : Not Included

Weight : 7Kg

Additional Cost: $2,836.00 Inc GST and Installation

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